Insurance Information

Virtually every business, institution and public entity depends on equipment to keep operations going and income flowing. Today, equipment breakdown is more common and a greater risk. Most equipment now contains sensitive and fragile technology that is easily damaged. More equipment is mission critical so breakdowns bring operations – and income – to a halt. And increased system complexity and interdependency mean a breakdown elsewhere can impact you.

Protection for your Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical systems within your premises. Your Landlord may require you to insure the HVAC system within your unit. Coverage is also provided for Chillers, food freezers, walk-in coolers, etc.

If a fire occurs caused by the arching or overload of the electrical panel, the damage caused by the fire is covered by your property insurance policy, but the damage caused to the electrical panel is not covered unless you have purchased this additional coverage.

Boilers, Pressures vessels, Hot water tanks, Air tanks, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.


View some losses that have occurred and that coverage has been provided, please click on the attached link:

The following clauses appear in all commercial property insurance policies:

Explosion (except explosion of natural, coal or manufactured gas), collapse, rupture, bursting, cracking, burning or bulging of the following property owned, operated or controlled by insured.

Portions containing steam or water under steam pressure, boilers including other vessels and pipes under pressure exceeding 103 Kilopascals (15 lbs.) per square inch.

This exclusion does not apply to manually operated portable gas cylinders or tanks with an internal diameter of 610 millimetres (24 Inches) or less, used for heating and storage of hot water for domestic use.

This exclusion makes it necessary to carry a specific insurance policy to cover these hazards. If you have any of the following equipment you need this separate coverage.

A boiler is a vessel in which water or other liquids is heated or converted into steam or vapour under pressure by the application heat by electricity, flame or hot flue gases.
There are 3 basic types:

  1. Heating
  2. Hot water
  3. Generation of steam (or storage).

Air tanks ( also know as air receivers ) are used for the storage of air which has been compressed.

A refrigeration system consists of compressor , electric motor, coils vessels and interconnecting piping containing refrigerant under pressure and is used for cooling for comfort or process. There are two classes, compression and absorption.