Group/ Individual Benefits

Insurance Information

We work with you and your association to develop a personalized program to fit your Association’s needs. With availability to some of the largest markets in Canada who write this specialty line, we are confident that we can develop and design a program to meet your satisfaction with regard to coverage, pricing and exclusivity to your members only.

In an ever changing world the need to have a personalized benefit program developed to best suit your needs has become more important. With company cut backs and the cost of medication and services have increased so has the need.

Work places are not obligated to provide benefits however the lure of new employees helps for hiring and keeping employees. Group plans can be developed to best suit the needs of the employee and the company.

Individual medical plans are also available for the people that want to provide the security and protection for their family and the unexpected cost associated for medical or dental treatments.

Purchase a plan now before it is too late. Certain medications are not covered by Government health plans and can become very expensive should you need to pay out of pocket.

Many people are not aware that when you leave your work place group benefit plan you have up to 30 days after the last day of coverage to obtain new individual coverage without a medical application / qualification. Existing drugs could remain covered. Once it extends past the 30 days the medication may not be covered.